Customer Review on Dan Weik Online Marketing In San Diego CA

Member Name:   Allison A
Member From:   Whiting, IN

Date Reviewed:   08-07-2014

Business Name Reviewed:  Dan Weik Online Marketing

Business Address:  San Diego, CA 92108

Business URL:

Business Phone Number:  858-333-4587

I've worked for Dan about ten years ago and reached out to him this week as I'm opening up a new business and considering I always see Dan all over the internet I thought it would be good to reach out and I'm so glad I did. Dan is a ROCK STAR first of all, he has me very excited because I was about to go one direction and he explained the pros and cons of that decision to the point that I now know exactly what to do. If you know anything about Dan or one of his companies then I'm sure you would agree with me that you can't go wrong when working with him or one of his companies.


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