Customer Review on Moving Pros Inc In New York NY

Member Name:   Alastair E
Member From:   chicago, IL

Date Reviewed:   04-20-2017

Business Name Reviewed:  Moving Pros Inc

Business Address:  57 West 57th StreetNew York, NY 10019

Business URL:

Business Phone Number:  888-968-8663

the guys at moving pros just left our house on the delivery end. they asked us to come online and write a review of our company.were happy to say that its a positive one! the were very good at what they did from the beginning till the end. you can always tell when a company has experienced employees by the way they work. the employees from moving pros know this industry. they know customers are stressed, and they know what the customers want and don't want to do. they gave us a reasonable price and didn't charge us extra for anything. i can appreciate costs being built in up front. the delivery guys wouldn't even take a tip.. they refused. instead asked us to go online and write a review lol. that blows my mind. I'm sure they're getting taken care of for that! until next time thank you too much moving pros.


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