Customer Review on Moving Pros Inc In New York NY

Member Name:   Chloe W
Member From:   Burlington, VT

Date Reviewed:   05-10-2017

Business Name Reviewed:  Moving Pros Inc

Business Address:  57 West 57th StreetNew York, NY 10019

Business URL:

Business Phone Number:  888-968-8663

Really terrible. Went from DC to VT. My rep seemed great at first, but then disappeared (due to a family emergency, but no one filled in for him in answering his emails or his phone calls). My estimation of what I had to move was entirely correct, and yet my move cost more than DOUBLE what my estimate stated. My stuff took nearly two weeks to arrive, and I never received any updates. The movers were nice guys (although they did slightly damage some stuff, but not too badly), which is why MP isn't getting 1 star, but they left a suitcase that is not mine at my new place, and no one is in a rush to pick it back up! Don't use these guys.


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