Customer Review on Moving Pros Inc In New York NY

Member Name:   DONALD T
Member From:   florida, FL

Date Reviewed:   04-10-2017

Business Name Reviewed:  Moving Pros Inc

Business Address:  57 West 57th StreetNew York, NY 10019

Business URL:

Business Phone Number:  888-968-8663

I cant stand sales guys.there the worst. i called three different companies and after going over the inventory of my home and what i was taking they would've punched their own mothers to keep me on the phone. our move definitely wasn't a cheap one. it required almost an entire 53’ truck. a lot of the punks we talked to were very pushy and wanted me to sign up with them. the guy at moving pros, sorry to say i forgot his name, didn't do any of that. he just gave me a price and told me about his company and offered to follow up on my time. very professional. they did an amazing job on pick up too. wrapping everything with tact and skill. the delivery crew didn't even care about the snow and still got it all done. a+ service.


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