Customer Review on Moving Pros Inc In New York NY

Member Name:   Raichal G
Member From:   miami, FL

Date Reviewed:   04-20-2017

Business Name Reviewed:  Moving Pros Inc

Business Address:  57 West 57th StreetNew York, NY 10019

Business URL:

Business Phone Number:  888-968-8663

professional movers are apparently a dime a dozen. we filled out a quote online and got 10 calls. jon at moving pros was quick to help us weed through some of the estimates to see who was a good guy and who wasn't. jon never tried to push our service on us he just stuck to the facts. who was charging what rate, who was rated what, who was listed on the DOT as a carrier- things idk this. it was a much different tone than we expected. they really did have the upper hand in all these categories so we ended up choosing them. the movers they sent to the house were cool. and the delivery only took 9 days. ill never do a self move again. hopefully ill never have to move again though.


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