Customer Review on Trading Devices In Medinah IL

Member Name:   Catherine G
Member From:   San Jose, CA

Date Reviewed:   03-23-2017

Business Name Reviewed:  Trading Devices

Business Address:  P.O. Box 189Medinah, IL 60157

Business URL:

Business Phone Number:  702-530-7004

Overall, I’m really glad I joined, although I’ve only been a member a couple months. I was not a seasoned, profitably consistent swing trader, but was hoping to sharpen my timing skills on entry and exit to be more consistent. The blog, as of now, has members doing different trading styles (very short term swing or day trading vs. longer term swings) and a new member will be on their own to sort out their style. I’m more comfortable with longer term swings (weeks, even a few months). So initially I was confused by various members’ and PG’s comments who were commenting on shorter term waves and patterns. I lost some money on my first handful of trades based on my confusion. Then I learned to rely on the charts and pick my targets based on the longer term swing targets PG showed on the charts and, sometimes, commented on. I initially thought charts needed to be updated at least once a week but that’s not true for longer term targets. Give a chart sufficient time to play out and the price targets have a good probability of hitting (otherwise PG will update the chart with alternative wave counts and target numbers). Once I started to understand PG’s charting better, I went from losing money on my first confused trades to making decent profits on all of my last trades (5-8% each in a week or two, and that’s me still learning and taking profits too soon). Also, a less seasoned trader should do self-study in Elliott Wave patterns and chart patterns.


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