Customer Review on Trading Devices In Medinah IL

Member Name:   Dan W
Member From:   San Diego, CA 92110

Date Reviewed:   05-19-2014

Business Name Reviewed:  Trading Devices

Business Address:  P.O. Box 189Medinah, IL 60157

Business URL:

Business Phone Number:  702-530-7004

I'm very proud of Darek, I've known him for almost ten years now... Darek is one of the most analytical and thorough business minds I have the pleasure of knowing. When he wraps his head around something, you be better believe he dots the (i) and crosses the (t) every time. Consistency and hard work wins the war, Darek is a veteratern to new challenges. Darek was a foreigner coming into this country from Poland 15 years ago, he didn't speak our language or understand our culture and today he's WINNING due to all his hard work and freight train momentum! Reminds me of how Arnold Schwarzenegger's success and how he climbed up in rankings as a foreigner to this great country! I've been trading TZA under Darek's guidance the past couple of weeks with very impressive gains. As a matter of fact, Darek has single handedly allowed me to gain more in the past two weeks than in my last two years in the market! This is no exaggeration. If I can give you a bit of advise about Darek, he moves FAST, you must be sharp to keep up. If you're a new trader vetting Darek, then be sure to pay attention to his blog and do your own split testing before trading, but if Darek shares some HOT stock tips, I would take them very serious and get ready to pull the trigger at your own discretion. 5-Stars for the Polish Prince!


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