Customer Review on Trading Devices In Medinah IL

Member Name:   Vlad I
Member From:   Chicago, IL

Date Reviewed:   01-22-2016

Business Name Reviewed:  Trading Devices

Business Address:  P.O. Box 189Medinah, IL 60157

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Business Phone Number:  702-530-7004

For myself, I use the S&P 500 charts. His day to day predictions are quite good, even a few days out, but if you are looking for 6 months out, he’s not that accurate. But that’s OK, I don’t know anyone who is. He’s better at exit/entry points than exit/entry times. He pays attention to quite a few different areas, including the pundits on the news and has some good insight on the various market segments. His comments can be biting, acerbic and entertaining, which is part of the draw for me. Overall, pretty good, worth the subscription fee.


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