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Location: San Jose, CA

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ASAP Movers
8700 West Carefree Hwy
Peoria AZ, US 85383

I was looking for reliable movers for my long distance move. Actually I had a tight budget and the move was a tricky one because movers had to deal with some very old and heavy furniture plus some really vulnerable stuff and they had to move everything using the very narrow stair ways from the 3rd floor. So, I was badly looking for a very efficient but affordable moving company. I was fortunate because my colleague recommended ASAP Movers to me and made my life easy. As expected, movers showed up on time and they were very well prepared for the move. They overcome all obstacles and managed to execute a picture perfect move within my budget. I know I should have tipped more but I was under a tight budget. So, now I am recommending them and this is my way of thanking.

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Date Reviewed : 02-17-2017