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Location: Lake Geneva, WI

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First Way Movers
21781 Ventura Blvd
Woodland Hills CA, US 91364

From the very first moment that I received a call from Violet I was amazed from the patience and the kindness that she showed towards me , I was very very stressed before choosing a moving company. Anyone who moved before knows how stressful it is, specially with the rough time that I had going in my life regardless of moving . The day of the move the crew of four people showed up wrapping and packing everything in my house, I literally didn't have to do anything . Very kind and professional through the all way. I really want to use this opportunity to thank Violet and the rest of the crew at First Way Movers for making it as easy as possible to relocate to my new residence . I definitely recommend to give this company the option to quote a move for you. Thanks again.

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Date Reviewed : 03-20-2017