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Location: florida, FL

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Moving Pros Inc
57 West 57th Street
New York NY, US 10019

Wow, moving pros, wow. total studs! these guys showed up for sure. offered me a rock solid price and didn't budge on it. i knew what the cost of additional services would be up front so no hidden charges. price was competitive. there's a few guys around here that were in the same ball park, but I'm glad i chose them. they didn't drop or damage any of my boxes. and there are over 100 boxes!. i was worried things would get lost but they labeled all of it and gave me an inventory sheet that matched. i checked them all off one by one when they got here this morning. all here. no damages. if you're going to move with moving pros id recommend speaking with Jon as your coordinator. he was always available.

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Date Reviewed : 04-12-2017