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Moving Pros Inc
57 West 57th Street
New York NY, US 10019

This company really does take your money damage your stuff and than disappears. My Aunt and uncle just just relocated to Florida. When I showed up the day after they dropped off my aunts stuff I could not believe my eyes. When she was crying to me on the phone and when My mother was telling me how bad the stuff was I did not think it was that bad. When I showed up I could not believe my eyes. Everything was damaged looked as tho her stuff was thrown on and off the truck. I tired to calm her down and tell her that this is a huge company THAT I helped her research and they would take care of her.... 4 Months later and THEY HAVE NOT DONE A THING do not even return her calls. Today she calls me crying that they sent her a shut up letter and offered $273 for 10,000 in damages WTH what is that. I really believed they would see all the pictures she provided and at least refund her what she paid to them. She lost so much more than that. MY MOTHER AND I had to put our money together to get her a mattress she has a bad back and was sleeping on hard floors.. We had to lend her money for the lost items and buy for her to buy her new appliances to get buy.. Everything is broke her tv has a ugly bang spot it is all a mess.. I dont ever post reviews I just do my research on companies and I cant believe this company has done this.. My aunt is having such bad anxiety and my Mom as well from dealing with this all. Stay away save your stress.... DO NOT BE TRICKED BY THESE GOOD REVIEWS THEY ARE FAKE I EVEN BELIEVED THE HYPE OF THESE REVIEWS. My family will be sharing their experience so we can warn everyone that is believing these good reviews. WE WERE THERE WE SEEN IT SHE SENT THEM PICTURES AND THEY DISAPPEARED.

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Date Reviewed : 10-19-2017