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Location: Gainesville, FL

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Moving Pros Inc
57 West 57th Street
New York NY, US 10019

Do not use this moving company. Our moving experience was horrible. Carl (or Carlo as his email said) was my original contact person for the move. After talking through what we had in our one bedroom apartment, he estimated that the total would cost around $2,000- including packing our items and moving it from Texas to Florida. Once I signed the paperwork, the company no longer seemed to be concerned with doing a professional job, but instead hiked their prices (to a total of around $7,000), ignored our many attempts to contact them, and damaged some of our property. When the men came to pack our items, they seemed very annoyed- as if we were inconveniencing them to do their job by moving us. They were surprised that we wanted our kitchen items and our closet packed. One man sat and seemed to play on his phone the entire time. They had me write a check for over $4,000 right there. (We expected to pay about $1,000 by check that day.) Then we moved to Florida and were without our items for a very long time, sleeping on the floor, etc. The movers were horrible with responding back to us. We continued to think this company was scamming us. We made sure to get a written invoice of what our final payment was before the movers came to deliver our stuff. One thing I want to highlight is the lack of communication this company has. Carl was supposedly our contact person, but he was extremely difficult to get a hold of, and he had a hard time getting in contact with the driver, movers, etc. He had no authority over anything. (Their trucks apparently don't have GPS so you can't track where the truck is. SKETCHY!) It was extremely difficult getting that final invoice (wasn't able to do that through Carl), and when the movers finally came to deliver our stuff, as we feared, they demanded more than what our invoice said. Our bank account was nearly empty, thanks to this experience with the Moving Pros, and now they were asking for more money. This was infuriating and completely unprofessional. They wanted to charge for 3 flights of stairs, even though they were only going up 2. The driver said in front of his workers that if we don't go to the bank to get this extra money, his workers wouldn't get paid. I called and called the company without an answer. I texted, called and left messages with Carl. He finally got back to me and said his boss was going to call the driver and that we wouldn't have to pay that extra fee. We did not see this followed through, so we did pay this extra fee. The men delivering our stuff were not even from the Moving Pros. We thought we hired professionals. This was a lie. These men were kind, but dropped our brand new couch, and it now has a rip in it. Other items have wood chipped, paint ripped off from tape they carelessly wrapped it with, etc. Through this company, they recommended a company for us to have our car shipped, which also was a bad choice. It arrived with a dead battery and was extremely muddy. How did it get muddy? Did they take it out for a joy ride? Very odd. Moving Pros was unprofessional, rude, dishonest, and had horrible communication. We are very upset with our experience and hope no one else falls prey to this

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Date Reviewed : 07-31-2017