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Location: california, CA

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Long Distance Inc
1975 East Sunrise Blvd
Fort Lauderdale FL, US 33304

I can't say enough good things about Long Distance Relocation Group. From the beginning, we were in a rush to get this move done, as a result, me and my wife's stress level was through the roof in trying to get everything facilitated in order to finish prior to her starting her new job. Our rep was helpful in informing us about what to expect from his company. We had a few things that we knew were not going to be easy to move so he gave us a quote with the items on our estimate and another without the items in case we decided to sell them.By the time it was all said an done, he adjusted the estimate three times for us. Our moving crew was a good group of guys headed by Steve.I had some old bookcases that I had been moving from place to place since college that were about as brittle as a stale potato chip that they managed to move without them breaking or falling apart which was a testament to the moving abilities. I was under the impression that we would fill up a whole truck but the way they packed and organized everything on the truck we were a little more that half. The delivery came without a flaw. All the guys were in good spirits which made it a little easier on my wife and I since we had been at each others throats for the past couple of days so it was nice to have them around and in a jovial mood. Everybody who we dealt with and spoke with at LDRG was very professional and ethical. It was a pleasure doing business with them.

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Date Reviewed : 12-04-2017