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Location: mountview, CA

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Long Distance Inc
1975 East Sunrise Blvd
Fort Lauderdale FL, US 33304

LDI did an incredible job on my move! I was moving from a studio apartment the day before I left for a 10 day vacation... talk about stress. I was still boxing up things when Abrham and his Team showed up, and they immediately made moving a whole lot easier. They were incredibly professional and brought boxes (including wardrobe boxes for my clothes), tape, wrap, blankets, and tools to ensure all my furniture was well protected. By the time I was closing up the last box, they had already protected and loaded my furniture into the truck. They work very quickly and are very reasonable. I'm really glad I chose LDI -- they made my moving experience a lot less stressful!

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Date Reviewed : 11-14-2017