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Location: Kansas City, MO

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Moving Pros Inc
57 West 57th Street
New York NY, US 10019

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY I booked this company for a cross country move. The quote seemed reasonable and the sales associate seemed trust worthy. It all went downhill from the moment the crew arrived. The crew arrived late in the afternoon and hit my neighbor’s parked car while deciding where to park the truck. One of the three crew members was brand new and all three didn’t seem to take very much care with my stuff. Definitely not the white glove service that is advertised on the website. My quote was $4K and the move ended up costing more than $10K. The truck was not large enough to load all of my items, so they had to return the next day to finish the job. Fast forward two months, I met the movers at my storage unit in my new city. Things seemed to be going smooth until it became obvious that not all of my items were on the truck. Many items were missing, including everything that the movers had come back to pick up on the second day. I immediately called Moving Pros and let them know via voice mail. Ryan called me back and let me know that they would look into it and get it all straightened out the following week. I fully expected to receive my missing items in the next few weeks. Fast forward to now, three months later. I still have not received my missing items. Upon further inspection of the items they did deliver, some of my boxes had been opened and numerous items are missing. I have been in contact with Ryan, Tommy, Charles, Sammy and Furat. All have given me conflicting messages, one told me they had my items, another told me they were missing and I should file a claim. The latest word was that my items have been located and that they would be shipped to me. They were supposed to email me a list of the items that they had yesterday. I have heard nothing. I filed a complaint with the BBB. I also filed a claim on my missing items, however by their own account the items are not missing. Moving Pros Inc. is holding my possessions hostage and refusing to deliver them to me. I have done everything short of getting a lawyer, which will be my next step. Do not use this company. They are evasive and dishonest. The only thing they are pros at is gaining your trust and taking your money. This has been the absolute worst customer experience of my life. I cannot stress this enough: DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. If they put as much time into helping their customers as they do into writing fake 5-star reviews, I would not be in this situation. All I want is for the remainder of my possessions to be delivered to me. It will not make up for the items that were stolen from my boxes, and it will not make up for the months of lies that I was subjected to, but at least I would have my items. I’m hoping this review a) persuades any potential customers to choose another moving company and b) persuades Moving Pros Inc. to contact me with a date that my items will be delivered once and for all.

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Date Reviewed : 10-27-2017