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Location: austin, TX

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Long Distance Inc
1975 East Sunrise Blvd
Fort Lauderdale FL, US 33304

Last year, I was offered a better position in our offices in Austin, Texas. I was quite excited about moving up the career ladder, but I was a little stressed as well, since that meant I had to relocate. I wasn't really well-organized at first, so I sold my apartment way ahead of time, and realized I had no place to put my belongings until my new place in Houston was ready. I realized there was no way I could figure it out on my own. So I sat one night and tried to find the best possible solution for my problem. What caught my eye with Long Distance Movers was the fact that they provided storage services. So, I contacted them and we set up a meeting. They were on time and had covered all the aspects of my needs. We agreed to pack and protect the furniture which was to be moved away and stored, and explained the entire process in detail, set the moving date and gave me the price estimates. The guys at Long Distance Relocation Group understood what kind of a problem I was facing. In fact, they assured me that such a situation was more common than I had previously thought, which made me feel a little less like a fool. Anyway, they provided me with a month of free storage unit for all my belongings. After that month had passed, I still needed about two weeks of storage service, so they gave me an incredibly affordable price rate. In the end, I decided to hire these guys to carry out the entire moving process. All I had to do was pack my suitcases and a few belongings I was going to bring along to Houston and I could transport in my car, and pay for their services. Thanks to their team of professionals everything went on smoothly and just as they had described it. Long Distance Movers are the best company in the interstate moving business. They turned this moving stress into a pleasant adventure. If I ever have to go on this adventure again, I will definitely go with them. I honestly cannot thank their team enough for everything they have done for me!

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Date Reviewed : 12-20-2017