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Location: washington, WA

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Long Distance Inc
1975 East Sunrise Blvd
Fort Lauderdale FL, US 33304

Everything worked out great this time around, the previous time we had opted to reach out and get help for a move it did not work out well. It was not until we got into contact with Long Distance that we realized what a true service company is like. They offered us all of their plans and deals, as well as told us to consider how big the move would be and which pieces of equipment would actually be necessary just so we did not have to pay for useless things and still be charged for them. Within a few days we had received a knock on the door by a supervisor and a group of men who had arrived to predict how much work the move would require. He got on his walkie talkie and spoke to the boss back at the headquarters I presume, and about thirty minutes later another truck with two extra guys showed up to begin the move. They helped us pack everything into wooden crates for the appliances and the clothing and stuff they had separate cardboard boxes and bags for. They were of this weird cotton type of material and it provided extra stability and security so that our stuff would not be knocked back and forth. It took about forty eight hours before most of the house was emptied out and our things were scheduled to arrive within the next week. We had moved in and began unpacking all of the things we had carried on hand. And luckily, about two days later all of our things began arriving and we have just began the unpacking process. Very happy how things worked out. Would totally recommend.

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Date Reviewed : 12-20-2017