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Location: Avondale, PA

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Moving Pros Inc
57 West 57th Street
New York NY, US 10019

I had a very mixed experience with Moving Pros, which still is not complete since they lost(or stole) 2 of my boxes. I have filed a claim to try and get them back, but ridiculously, it takes 180 days for them to figure out what happened to my boxes. The guys that actually moved us were great, they showed up on time and worked extremely hard and fast. Unfortunately, aside from the actually movers I can't say our experience was great . Once I signed the contract, the guy I had dealt with(Larry), kind of disappeared and was not responsive at all, and at the end just flat out ignored my texts and emails. I felt that once he had the sale, he was done with me for the most part. And in addition to losing(or stealing) my 2 boxes, I also had an issue with the delivery date. I had paid extra to have our stuff delivered on a certain date, but when they finished packing me up, they informed me that that it would be an extra day - so they did not deliver on their contract. They did rebate me the extra money that I had paid, but having the exact delivery date was more important to us, so this was a big inconvenience. Our move ended up being a lot bigger, and took a lot longer than we had estimated, so I would recommend having someone come in and look at your move before agreeing to a quote. And make sure you open all the cabinets and closets and show them everything you may have hidden away to get an accurate assessment. I had debating switching moving companies about a week before our move due to Larry's apparent lack of interest in me after out contact was signed. I wish I had switched. If my lost (or stolen) boxes re-appear, I may bump them up to 2 stars. I cannot recommend them to you though. I would go with someone else if given a choice.

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Date Reviewed : 07-14-2017